Order Manager - Creating an Order
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Step 1: Add Addresses (Individually & Bulk)

* (asterisk) In the instructions below indicates a required field.

Adding Individual Addresses

  1. Select Product Type*:
    Select the product to be ordered.

  2. Individual Address/Bulk Addresses:
    Add addresses individually or upload a spreadsheet (CSV).

  3. Address:
    Type address(es) to be ordered: To order more than one address, click the (+) button.

    Adding Bulk Addresses

  4. Bulk Address:
    Upload a spreadsheet of the addresses.

  5. Upload File:
    Select file (csv only) to upload. File upload must match the sample header in the CSV below.

  6. Download Sample:
    Example of how addresses should be formatted for bulk upload. Download the sample here. Allowable values for 'Property Type': Single Family, Condo, and Townhouse.

Step 2: Add Order Info

  1. Order Name*:
    Create a unique name for your oder so that you can easily identify it. For individually added addresses, this will pre-fill with the address but is editable. For bulk addresses, this will pre-fill with the name of the CSV file, but is editable.

  2. Desired Delivery Date*:
    Appraisals will be downloadable as they come in. The desired delivery date is the date you wish to have all appraisals in the order delivered. If you have a large order, please contact your Account Manager to discuss a mutual date for delivery.

  3. Customer Info:
    This is your information and is saved in your account profile. This won't show up in the appraisal unless you are the intended user.

  4. Check if intended user is same as customer:
    Select this checkbox if you are the intended user of the appraisal -- this is the common case. Cases in which this should not be checked are if you are a reseller.

    Intended User:
    This field will show if Check if intended user is same as customer is not selected.

  5. Intended Use*:
    The text in this field will be listed on your report below the signature line. As this will be shown exactly as typed, please ensure this text is typed accurately.

    Evaluate the property that is the subject of this appraisal for mortgage financing transactions,. home equity line of credit, portfolio/asset management, determination of the need for more exhaustive appraisal products at loan origination.

  6. Order ID:
    If you have a number such as a loan number or an internal file documentation number you would like associated with this order, enter it in this field.

  7. Add Label:
    The text entered here will be displayed in 2 places: (1) On your dashboard and (2) in the report summary.

    Example use case:
    A bank may want to use the label for branch names. This allows users to see which branch created a report on the dashboard and to filter how many reports each branch has ordered per month.

  8. Special Order Comments:
    Any comments such as 'repair value required'. These instructions will go only to the AMC.

Once you click ORDER at the bottom of the page, we will verify the address(es) in the background. If there are addresses we're unable to geocode, we will send you an email asking you to review the addresses before the order is placed.

You will receive a confirmation email once the order is successfully placed.

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