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Order Manager - Address Review / Verification
Order Manager - Address Review / Verification
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Address Review

After entering your order, our system performs analysis to ensure that all property addresses were entered correctly, and to communicate any potential issues that might arise during the processing of your order.

If we find issues with addresses in your order, some or all of your order may be paused while we send you an email to resolve the issues before completing your order.

For a list of potential address errors, please click here.

By default, the processing of your order will begin immediately for properties that do not require any additional attention. If more than 30% of the properties in your order require your attention, your order will be placed on hold until the issues have been resolved. This threshold can be customized be reaching out to your account representative.

When addresses require review, it will be indicated on your Dashboard by the ‘Need Review’ status. After selecting your order, you will see the addresses separated into three separated tabs:

The addresses listed in the 'In Order' tab do not require any additional attention.

The addresses listed in the 'Need Review' tab require an action to be taken, including but not limited to the removal of properties before your order can be marked as completed on your dashboard. Failing to take action on these properties will also prevent your order from being processed if it is paused due to the address order threshold being reached.

This will be indicated by a banner at the top of your screen:


You can review/edit addresses in your order by doing the following:

  1. Selecting the Order on your Dashboard

  2. Select the edit text located to the right of the address, and begin typing the updated/correct address into the search box.

  3. In instances where an address is flagged for being in a rural area etc., select the checkbox to the left of the address, and select whether to 'Add To Order' or 'Remove'.

Addresses that remain in the 'Need Review' tab will not be processed.

When you have made the necessary adjustments to the addresses that require your attention, click the 'Start Processing' button on the top right of the screen.

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