Searching Address - Can't Locate / Find Address **
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Some of the more common reason why HouseCanary may not be able to locate a subject or comparable address can be related to differences in the address vs. how it's listed in the database.

Some of those variables can be:

  • Address Entry, Abbreviations & Zip code

  • Assessment Data: MLS vs. Public Record Updates

  • Property Type (Single Family vs. Multi-Family, Empty, Commercial, etc.)

    • HouseCanary focuses on SFR

  • Rezoning or Annexation.

Below are some useful tips for property search when using HouseCanary.

Address Entry: Manually type the address into the search box. If you’ve "Copied & Pasted" the address, the auto-suggestion may not recognize the listing and thus may not populate the searched address.

Remove abbreviations: The street type may not be recognized when an abbreviation is used. (Example: Court vs ct. / St. vs Street / Apt vs #) Please try different variations including removing the abbreviations from the address.

Assessment Data: HouseCanary aggregates from public country assessment data to understand attributes such as beds, baths, and square footage. If public record / assessment data is lacking for a subject property, unfortunately this can limit HouseCanary's ability to generate a report.

Property Type: Please note that at this time we primarily support Single Family Detached properties. In some cases, searched records may include other type of listings however, we do not focus on multi-family, empty lots or commercial properties.

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