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General details and data sources

The “General Details” tab shows a variety of key details for the subject property. To see our data sources, toggle the tab to “Data Sources.”

HouseCanary’s data scientists develop and maintain state-of-the-art data curation systems to gather, check, and reconcile real estate data from a wide variety of sources. We surface data source information so that you can see where our data came from, and which sources we chose to trust in the case of data conflicts.

Editable property details

While the HouseCanary dataset is extensive and carefully curated for accuracy, not all details or renovations are recorded by our data sources. In some cases, you may have more updated information than Property Explorer can provide. You may also be interested in seeing how a change in condition or addition of new features would impact a property’s value.

Property Explorer gives you the ability to adjust many fields, and recalculates the HouseCanary Value accordingly.

Click “Adjust Fields” to make changes to editable property details fields including:

  • Square feet (GLA)

  • Lot Size

  • Beds

  • Baths

  • Property Type

  • Owner Occupied

  • Year Built

  • Basement

  • Pool

  • Condition

Saving your adjusted property details

Click “Save” to save your changes. Our valuation algorithm will incorporate your inputs and instantly recalculate a new valuation based on your updated information and your selected valuation type. This updated value is shown at the top of your report, under the map. Learn more about valuations in Property Explorer.

While there are no limits on the number of edits you can make to a specific property, only one user-adjusted report can be saved per property. Changing the original HouseCanary report will then overwrite any previous customizations that you made to the report.

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