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Property Explorer – HouseCanary Rental Details
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Rental value
The default rental value on the report is the HouseCanary Rental Value, calculated by our highly accurate AVM. We include rental price per square foot and a range of high and low estimated rental values. You can also switch to one of the following valuations:

  • Comparable Rental Value - This adjusted AVM value will populate when you select sales comparables.

  • Your Opinion of Rental Price - Enter your own rental value for the property

Comparable Rental Value adjusts in real time when you select rental comparables.

Property Explorer auto-selects rental comparables

Your report will be pre-populated with rental comparables selected by our system, similar to the active/sold comparables. You can also manually select rental comps.

Navigate to rental comp selection view

Click the “Select Rental Comps” button to open rental comp selection view. Learn more about comp selection in Property Explorer.

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