Property Explorer – Valuations
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The default value on the report is the HouseCanary Value, which we calculate using our highly accurate, monthly-updated AVM. We include price per square foot and a range of high and low estimated values, as well as our confidence level in this automated valuation.

You can also switch to one of the following valuations for your Property Explorer value report:

  • Property Details - You can make updates to the subject property details, for example changing the number of bedrooms from two to three.

  • Transaction History - Shows all of the transaction history associated with this property.

  • Neighborhood Insights - Graphs in this section compare the subject’s property details to nearby properties within a one-mile radius.

  • Opinion of Price - Enter your own value for the property. The final report will signal that this value is a non-HouseCanary-affiliated value to eliminate confusion.


You can add comments to support your price opinion, your impressions of property features, your opinions of property data, or anything else. Press “Save” to save your comments so they will be retained next time you open this report, included in shared value reports, and added to PDF exports.

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