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Property Explorer - Market Analysis
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MSA risk of decline
HouseCanary analyzes market risk with a proprietary risk metric that measures the probability that median home prices will go down. The index ranges from 0 – 100, where low values indicate a neutral market in equilibrium.

Property Explorer includes a one-year risk forecast for the subject property’s MSA, as well as risk levels for this month and the same month last year.

ZIP-level market index, status, and measures
Our market index measures supply and demand at the ZIP code level. The market index ranges from 0-100, where values of 41-60 indicate a market in equilibrium. Values above 61 indicate demand that exceeds supply, meaning that the local area is a seller's market. Values below 41 indicate that supply that exceeds demand, making the local area a buyer's market.

Days on Market is a major indicator for local demand, along with sales volume and changes in listing prices. Months of Supply, calculated as the total listings on the market divided by the 3-month rolling average of sales volume, is a major indicator for supply.

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