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Located at the top right of the HouseCanary Pro window, you will find the Menu. Clicking the menu allows you to log out of HouseCanary Pro, return to Map Search (home), or purchase additional MSA access.

MSA/Sub Market

The MSA/Submarket lets you select and view a market or submarket. By clicking the arrows, results can be sorted by lowest/highest numerical value. By mousing over an individual selection, you can also view its accompanying report.


This column displays the results of the filter selected in the Filter dropdown. Similar to the MSA/Submarket column, this data can be sorted by lowest/highest numerical value by clicking the accompanying arrows.


Located near the top of the window, you will find the Toolbar. The Toolbar allows you to select a Market, Filter, or Sub-filter. You can also use the back button found here to navigate up a level (from zip code level to MSA level).

Within the toolbar:


The Market dropdown allows you to select an MSA(CBSA). Once an MSA has been selected, the submarkets will populate in the heatmap and will be displayed in list view on the right side of the window.


The Filter dropdown allows you to filter your market/sub-market selection by selecting an attribute from the list. Once selected the Dashboard will update accordingly.

Sub-filter (with tooltips):

The sub-filter dropdown allows you to see how each filter is defined. Additionally, some filters contain sub-filters. These can be selected from this dropdown menu, the Dashboard will update accordingly.


From the Dashboard, the search box allows you to search by MSA Number, or Market name. When viewing a specific sub market, performing a search will allow you to search by zip codes associated with that market.

Heat Map

The Heat Map displays locations by colors, which coincide with both the Timeline and the filter currently selected in the Filter dropdown. To understand the value associated with each color, refer to the Heat Map Legend located at the bottom of the Dashboard window. While the map can be used for reference, you can also click specific locations on the map, and navigate the map using the tools located in the top left of the window.


On the top left of the window you will find icons for navigating the heat map.





Located on the bottom left of the window is the Timeline slider. Moving this left or right allows you to view data for a specific year. The orange color on the right side of the slider indicates results that are based on HouseCanary predictions.

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