Appraiser - Comp Analysis
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Comp/Inventory Analysis


On the left hand side will be a tab for ‘Comp Analysis’. This section will details all fields to complete for Comp Inventory Analysis, Prior Sales Information as well as Sales Comp Value.

On the right hand side of the page will be a ‘Calculate’ button which is calculated based on the Neighborhood boundaries you have defined.

The 'Calculate' button will only work after drawing your Neighborhood boundaries. If you modify your neighborhood boundaries, you will need to click 'Calculate' again.

In the Comp Analysis section you will find a subsection for both Prior Sale Information and Sales Comp Value for your selected comps.

As a best practice, these sections should be completed after selecting your final list of comps.

Prior Sales Information

Select and expand this subsection by tapping the ‘+’ icon on the right side of the subsection.

MLS data on prior sales, where available, will be pre-populated for each selected comp. In additional there are questions pertaining to researching comparable sales history.


Sales Comp Value

Review the information in the Selected Comps table, add commentary to the “Summary of Sales Comparison Approach” box, and enter a final indicated value in the bottom box.

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